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After 4 years of travelling and living in different parts of the world, we created Moving Jar to share our travel experiences with the world. In less than 6 months, what started out as a personal blog turned into a travel & lifestyle startup that have inspired countless more adventures.

What can Moving Jar do for you?

We create niche content and work with brands on strategic social media campaigns. There is really nothing like two creatives coming together and creating magic. Our clients have ranged from tourism boards, fashion and beauty brands, hotels and technology companies.

Depending on your marketing goals, we can work with you on branded content creation to tell your unique story.

Branded Content Creation

We’d be happy to feature your brand on our site through branded content. This includes custom blog posts, long-form articles and targeted niche content. We can help you build messages that resonate with our audience, through compelling stories that evoke interest in your brand.


Brand Storytelling

We are suckers for great storytelling and have continuously delivered content that engage our readers. If you would like to create personalised experiences to enhance your brand discoverability, we can collaborate. We can help develop content assets with you that resonates with our readership.


Social Media Campaigns

We can promote your brand/product by using your @ handle for brand mentions and designated hashtags. This includes Instagram posts and stories, social media takeovers and customised campaigns.


Hotel, Flights & Product Reviews

Looking to have your hotel or product professionally reviewed? We can offer unbiased and honest write-ups that can increase brand awareness. Some of our previous reviews include Le Meridien Hotels and Finnair.


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