Film Style Lightroom Presets – Paris Collection

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Our Film Style Lightroom Presets have been used in all our street photography edits. They can be used for all types of photography, including landscapes, portraits, fashion and documentary too. But they are most suited for creating  timeless pieces in candid, urban environments where lighting conditions are unpredictable.

  • 7 Film Style Presets
  • Vintage and timeless look
  • Street photography, intimate portraits, city shots
  • Installation guide included
  • Requires Adobe Lightroom 4 and up (5, 6, cc and up)
  • Delivered as instant downloads


These presets are made for Adobe Lightroom  (OSX / Windows) Desktop version and compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

No refunds will be issued as these products are instant digital downloads.


Inspired by Parisian street styles, the Film Style Lightroom Preset is our top favourite for classic, saturated warm tones. If you’ve ever wanted to give your photography an incredible boost of vintage whilst keeping a clean, organic feel, this preset is for you.

The Film Style Lightroom Preset is perfect for bold street photography, outdoor landscapes, retro, travel photography and more.

We handcrafted the Film Style Lightroom Preset to create a consistent look of reminiscent effects. By using advanced Lightroom modules and testing across a large variety of picture types, we ensure that our presets are versatile and don’t “break” easily. However, please note that every image is different (shot in different lighting, colour tones, etc) and would probably require some tweaking after the preset is applied.


  • Beautiful, classic and timeless results
  • Effortless post-processing to achieve sophisticated perfection in under 3 clicks
  • Capture every moment and turn them into enduring time capsules

P1 – Lofi

The P1 Lightroom Preset is crafted for vivid colours, with a subtle Lofi ’90s look and cool river blue tinge.

P2 – Classic Vintage

Drawing from classic vintage film effects, the P2 preset creates a nostalgic feel with yellow hue and subtle grains.

P3 – 1980s Filmography

Enhanced detail and deep shadows, with beige highlights and invigorating blue shadows to create a timeless look.

P4 – Gatsby

Versatile and powerful, the P4 Lightroom preset is reminiscent of Great Gatsby  with hues of blue and chic highlights.

P5 – Cinematic Portraiture

Rich saturation and mid tone highlights, creates a cinematic look for portraitures inspired from classic movie stills.

P6 – Fall Oak

Designed for outdoor landscapes, built with deep shadows and honey orange tint to evoke an atmosphere of autumn leaves.

P7 – Amber Rose

Enhanced detail and slightly maroon undertones. The P7 Amber Rose Lightroom preset is perfect for outdoor portraits.


  1. Open Adobe Lightroom and click on ‘Develop’ module
  2. On the left, under the Presets section in Lightroom, right-click and create New Folder for  the new presets to load into. You can name this folder “Paris Collection” or anything you like.
  3. Right-click on the folder and select “Import”
  4. Navigate to the unzipped folder and select all the Lightroom presets, then click “Import”.


  • After importing the presets, open an image on Adobe Lightroom and navigate to ‘Develop’ module.
  • Click on the preset and apply it to the selected photo.


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2 reviews for Film Style Lightroom Presets – Paris Collection

  1. Joshua

    Nice presets! Been looking for some VSCO inspired film filters like the Kodak Portra and these were a great alternative for much cheaper. Thanks!!

    • Leanne

      Hi Joshua, glad you liked them! When you’re posting to Instagram, add #Movingjar as we’d love to see how you’ve used the presets 🙂

  2. Corey Williams

    Absolutely love this! The different layers work really nicely on my Canon pics!

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