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Hotel Review: Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort

We stayed at the Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort and was absolutely satisfied. I was looking for a quiet and private getaway near Karon beach and found this hidden gem. It’s one of those places where you wish you could retire here and spend every sunrise looking over Le Meridien’s 500-metre long pristine beach.

Best of Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort

  • Exclusive, private beach with immaculate cleanliness and amazing beach waves. Lots of scenic spots for photography and romantic sunset walks with your loved ones.
  • Restaurant Highlights: Latest Recipe, Pakarang, Ton Son, Wang Warin, Ariake, Beach BBQs
  • Nearby beaches: Freedom Beach is 1km away and Karon beach is about 5km down south. If you have half a day to spare, I’d recommend taking a scooter to the nearby Freedom Beach and take the sailboat tour or go snorkelling.
  • Closest landmarks: Jungceylon Shopping Center, Karon Night Market, Safari Elephant Trekking, Phuket Shooting Range 

Price Breakdown

  • Room rates: USD $130/night (Standard deluxe room)
  • Breakfast: Free
  • Lunch/Dinner buffet: under 1,900 baht / person
  • Beach access and facilities: Free
  • Spa and Massages: approximately 1,850 baht for aromatic massages, below 800 baht for foot massages.
  • Transport (within 5km) : 300 baht

First-Class Restaurants in Le Meridien

There are 10 restaurants available at the Le Meridien Phuket Beach resort and they certainly satisfy every tastebud. Some snippets of the buffet spread from ‘Latest Recipe’ and ‘Pakarang’:

seafood bbq-le-meridienlatest-recipe-le-meridien-phuket-phuket buffetfresh seafood-le-meridien delicious-thai-foodmango-sticky-rice thailand-mango


Spa and Massages

For a complete luxurious indulgence, I went straight for the 2 hours aromatic massage with jasmine essential oil coupled with a body scrub. This costed us under 3,00 baht per person. Overall, the therapists were very professional and it was obvious they had proper training on pressure points and herbal treatments.

Of course, we didn’t do this everyday. Lol. There were many massage parlours near Phuket City and nearby beach resorts which offered massage therapy at a fraction of the price. Some highly raved ones are Kim’s Massage & Spa, Siladon Spa Phuket, Anda Massage & Spa.

The Little Things

le meridien spa

  • Thoughtfulness: The hotel staff are very warm and friendly, our mornings before departing are always greeted with a gentle “Kabunka” which brightens up your mood immediately.
    • There’s no hard-selling of hotel services for transportation, dining options, or private tour activities.
    • Serving of refreshments at every service encounter, literally. When we got on the airport shuttle, a tray of aromatic cold towels and lemongrass cum tangerine tea was served to us. This was a constant for our reception service, pre and post-massage treatments too. Thumbs up!
  • Safety: Needless to say, Le Meridien is pretty reputable and needs no introduction. But it’s pretty comforting when you return from a late night and there are cheerful staff greeting you at the entrance, making sure you’re all settled in.
    • What stood out for me was the attentiveness of lifeguards at the private beach. They are always on the lookout if you’re venturing too far into the ocean and yet are mindful not to disturb your activities. So those coming to the beach with children, rest easy!
  • Timeliness: Our hotel room (deluxe room) was cleaned at least twice a day and this is usually timed carefully when we are out. I’ve noticed that the room is immaculately clean after we return back from the hotel breakfast and later in the afternoon, after we’ve messed it up with remnants of sand from the beach. There’s no intrusion or awkward situations where you have to wait idly by till room service has left.

hotel-le-meridien phuket

What I didn’t like about Le Meridien Phuket Resort

  • The resort itself is close to various places like Jungceylon Shopping Center and Karon Night Market. However, to get out of the resort compounds to the city area is difficult. Walking out takes 10-15minutes and it’s not very convenient to do so at night.
  • This forces you to take the hotel taxi which takes 300 baht (per ride) from your budget immediately. In my opinion, its a major downside of Le Meridien’s exclusivity, but many visitors enjoy and consider this seclusion luxurious. The hotel driver who brought us around shared that many tourists from Northern Europe and Russia frequent Le Meridien in Phuket for long-term vacations during the cold seasons. We are talking minimum 3 weeks to about 4 months! 
  • Airport shuttle was a complete ripoff. It costed a whopping 1,900 baht one-way from Phuket International Airport to Le Meridien resort. Don’t do this. Instead, opt for the bus ride to the city area which costs about 200 baht, then take another car ride to Le Meridien for under 600 baht.
  • Transport costs were the main negative for us, as Le Meridien is a little further down from Patong, most taxi drivers charge a little higher to get you there. But negotiate as much as you can and use hand signals to bargain for prices.
  • Not all the hotel’s restaurants are open everyday. For instance, Wang Warin, their famed Thai Restaurant is not open on Tuesdays and Fridays


There you go, a complete honest review of our stay at Le Meridien Phuket Resort. What are some of your favourite hotels/resorts in Phuket? Share with us and we’ll check them out next!

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